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Apr 13, 2009

America Shines at World Pizza Championships

The World Pizza Champions brought home 3 medals and earned certificates in several baking categories at this years World Pizza Championshoips in Italy.

Justin Wadstein earned the Silver Medal in the Single acrobatic category in which several spectators and organizers disagreed with the judging which could have earned him the gold. Wadstein shredded the competition in both qualifying and finals rounds.

Special Team Tony Gemignani, Matt Rapposelli, Petra Kralickova, Bruno Di Fabio, John Gutekanst, and William Manzo earned the Silver Medal in the Artistic Bread Sculpture category beating out over 20 competitors from Italy. This was the first time the US has competed in this category and the 6 foot tall Statue of Liberty made out of bread was a favorite at this years championships.

Michael Shepherd earned the Bronze in Largest Pizza Stretch missing the gold by just inches.

Bruno DiFabio earned Best Pizza From the US gaining the top vote with his Teglia pizza which earned him 7th in the World.

John Gutekanst was the only American chosen in the Heinz Beck trophy award which is Michelin Rated. John placed 17th place out of one hundred contestants from around the world.

International teammates Theo Kalgaracos from Australia , Nick Dhillon from England , and Fran Carroll from Ireland all earned top scores in baking earning certificates from Italy representing their countries.

For the second consecutive year Guiseppe Lucia and his team won the gold medal in team acrobatics and Theo placed 5th in the STG Neapolitan category which came to a surprise to the Italians since this was his first time competing in this prestigious category.

This year the World Pizza Champions did not compete in the team acrobatic category.

Mar 31, 2009

Special Pizza Team Assembled for Italy's World Pizza Championships

Dominated every year by the home turf Italians, the Artistic Bread Sculpture contest is the one category in which the United States has not competed, that is until now. America's #1 pizza team, the World Pizza Champions, have pulled down gold medals in virtually all categories at this world class competition, including Largest Dough stretch, Fastest Dough Maker, Team Acrobatic, Individual Acrobatic, Best Pizza of North America and now are attempting to add one more gold medal to the pot for the Artistic Bread Sculpture contest.

Over the past year Tony Gemignani, founder and president of the World 
Pizza Champions, has been assembling a special team to compete in this 
category. Enlisting the help of bread expert and University of Ohio 
Executive Chef Matt Rapposelli, mold and clay expert Petra Kralickova, 
and World Champion pizza makers Bruno Di Fabio, John Gutekanst, and 
William Manzo, the team will start the project in Venice on April 1st 
at the Agugiaro/5 Stagioni Flour Mill. The special team will work for 
three days in Venice to build a 6 foot tall Statue of Liberty entirely 
out of bread. This massive lady liberty will then be transported to 
Salsomaggiore, Italy where it will be completed and assembled for 
judging on Monday, April 6th. 

"When we won two consecutive gold medals in the team acrobatic 
competition they told us to stop, but we knew we had to compete in 
something else, so I thought we should be the first team from the US to 
compete in this prestigious category" says Tony Gemignani."

For the first time, the World Pizza Champions will showcase a new blog 
which will have day to day photos and results of the World Pizza 
Championships, starting April 1st.  Click here to check it out!

John Gutekanst from Avalanche Pizza in Athens, Ohio was chosen to compete for the new Heinz Beck Award for the World's Best First course. This is the only competition that is hand selected by the Italian organization and is considered to be one of the most premiere competitions in the world.

" We wanted this year to be different so we focused on competitions that are new to the industry which willshow our passion, creativity and commitment to excellence." says Bruno DiFabio

The World Pizza Champions Team is the most successful pizza team in 
history, winning more medals than any other team. This years teammates 
who will be competing at the World Pizza Championships are as follows: 
Tony Gemignani - California, Sean Brauser - Ohio, Joe Carlucci - 
Alabama, Michael Shepherd - Ohio, Justin Wadstein - California, Bruno 
DiFabio - New York, William Manzo - Rhode Island, John Gutekanst - Ohio, 
Jamie Culliton - Arizona, Leo Spizzirri - Illinois, Jackie Regester - 
Ohio, Kid McGuire - Maine, Matt Rapposelli - Ohio, and Petra Kralickova 
- Ohio. And international team members Diana Coutu - Canada, Fran 
Carroll - Ireland, Nick Dillon - England, and Theo Kalogeracos - Australia. 

Mar 17, 2009

Results of the World Pizza Games

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2009 World Pizza Games!

This year the games saw competitors from across the USA, Japan, Germany & Italy. Five World Champions took home Gold Medals and a $1000 cash prize at the World Pizza Games Finals and Rockin' Party at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

The Acrobatic Competition brought things to a conclusion with outstanding routines by all of the acrobatic finalists.

And the winners are...

Freestyle Acrobatic 1st Division

  1. Justin Wadstein - Kianti's Pizza & Pasta Bar - Santa Cruz, CA. 231.5 Points
  2. Akaogi Kazuya - Aromavita - Japan 218 Points
  3. Jamie Culliton - Grimaldi's - Tuscon, AZ 199 Points

Fastest Dough

  1. Richard Allen - Cousin Vinnie's Pizza - Dayton, OH - 1:07.37
  2. Bruno DiFabio - Country Cottage - Buffalo, NY - 1:29.19
  3. Giuseppe Lucia - 210 Giglio Pizzeria - Italy - 1:46.94

Largest Dough

  1. Spencer Glenn - Pizza My Heart - San Jose, CA - 32.625
  2. Eric Corbin - Grimaldi's - Tuscon, AZ - 32.5625
  3. Giuseppe Lucia - 210 Giglio Pizzeria - Italy - 32.375

Longest Spin

  1. Akaogi Kazuya - Aromavita - Japan - 3:25.81
  2. Jaimie Cullinton - Grimaldi's - Tuscon, AZ - 2:43.37
  3. David Sommers - Mad Mushroom Pizza - 1:41.64

Box Folding

  1. Justin Stokes - Sparky's Pizzeria - Urbana, OH - 22:38
  2. Mo Rashad - Cousin Vinnie's Pizza - Dayton, OH - 25:25
  3. Mike Kelly - Grimaldi's - Tuscon, AZ - 25:66

Additional Awards Given
Proving his skills as an overall outstanding pizzaiolo and lending a helping hand to the team, Glenn Cybulski was chosen as the 2009 World Pizza Champions member of the Year

World Pizza Games at the International Pizza Expo 2010
Couldn't make it this year? Don't worry the World Pizza Games will return to the International Pizza Expo again in 2010.

Mar 6, 2009

Gemignani's New Children's Book Goes National!

TONY AND THE PIZZA CHAMPIONS is based on the true story of Tony Gemignani, Nine- Time world pizza champion, and his talented team’s travels to Italy to compete in an international competition. Pizza lovers of all ages get an inside look into the acrobatic art of pizza tossing, and to see the many diverse ways that the much-loved food can be enjoyed here and abroad. Also included is Tony’s world famous pizza recipe and step-by-step dough-tossing instructions for those who want to get into the act. Advanced Copies of the book will be available at the International Pizza Expo March 10,11,12, Las Vegas or you can order your copy at  or

Check out for videos of Tony in action, exclusive recipes not found in the book, etc.

Tony Gemignani is a world-renowned pizza acrobat and chef. His team, the World Pizza Champions, has won more world titles than any other team in history—and they will be competing in Italy again this March. Tony is also a two-time Food Network pizza-tossing gold medalist, and he was the 2007 World Champion Neapolitan pizza chef. He and his brother own Pyzano’s Pizzeria in Northern California. Tony is the owner and founder of the International School of Pizza in San Francisco, California

Gemignani's cook book PIZZA Over 60 Delicious Recipes will also be available at the show in Las Vegas

Matthew Trueman has illustrated several children’s books. Raised in Italy, he now lives in Alpha, New Jersey.

About Chronicle Books One of the most admired and respected publishing companies in the U.S., Chronicle Books was founded in 1967 and over the years has developed a reputation for award-winning, innovative books. Recognized as one of the 50 best small companies to work for in the U.S. (and the only independent publisher to receive this award), the company continues to challenge conventional publishing wisdom, setting trends in both subject and format, maintaining a list that includes illustrated titles in design, art, architecture, photography, food, lifestyle and pop culture, as well as much-admired books for children and ancillary products through its gift division. Chronicle Books’ objective is to create and distribute exceptional publishing that’s instantly recognizable for its spirit, creativity, and value. For more information about Chronicle Books, visit

Feb 19 , 2009

Tony Gemignani Appears on New Food Network Series

Tony Gemignani will appear on the Food Networks new show Will Work For Food staring Adam Gertler from the Next Food Network Star. The show takes place at Pyzano's Pizzeria in Castro Valley, CA. Adam learns how to make two of Tony's award wining pizzas, learns how to toss,and has to work in the kitchen on a busy night.. Watch and see how Adam entertains guests and performs under pressure while making Tony's winning creations...

Food TV: In Castro Valley, Calif., Adam mixes, rolls, and tosses his way to pizzaiolo success whipping up 300 fresh pizzas alongside pizza-making and pizza-tossing world champion Tony Gemignani February 23, 9:30pm/8:30c? February 23, 12:30am/11:30c? March 01, 4:30pm/3:30c

Feb 19 , 2009

Don't Miss The World Pizza Games!

It is not too late to get signed up and registered for the World Pizza Games®! Don't miss out on this opportunity to claim a Gold Medal and take advantage of a tremendous marketing opportunity for your business. Bringing home a medal from one of the World's Largest Pizza competitions will certainly create a unique and newsworthy marketing event for your pizzeria!

Jan 19, 2009

Once Again The World Pizza Games® Are Coming to Pizza Expo!

The World Pizza ChampionsTMand World Pizza Games® will take the stage at the 2009 International Pizza Expo® and you’re invited to join in the fun.

On Tuesday, March 10th we will open up the competition and invite you to come compete in one or all of five events:

Freestyle Acrobatics First Division, Fastest Dough, Largest Stretch, Fastest Box Folding and Longest Spin.

Give your hand a try at our newest event - Longest Dough Spin.See how long you can keep a dough spinning above your head using the traditional pizza toss with one hand! See rules for complete details.

Freestyle Acrobatics First Division & the Masters Division: With so many dough throwing acrobats getting better and better all the time, we have split the freestyle acrobatics into two categories: First Division & Masters Division.

Jan 11, 2009

New Pizza School Web Site Launched

The International School of Pizza's web site is officially open. No other pizza school in the World offers certifications in Classic Italian, Neapolitan, Roman, California, New York, Chicago, Sicilian styles of pizza.

This state of the art school is supported by Italy's oldest school the Scuala Italiana Pizzaioli and is owned and operated by certified master instructor Tony Gemignani and partners Bruno di Fabio and Nancy Puglisi.

The 2009 courses will begin in late May at the new location in San Francisco, California. In the same location Gemignani's new restaurant Tony's Pizza Napoletana will be operating by night while the school will be open during the day.

Students will be able to work in the restaurant at night during certain courses and learn about operations in a professional working environment. Special tours in San Francisco to different artisan food crafter's, farmers and fish markets are incorporated with certain certifications. 

With new ground breaking certifications in American style pizza  the school has been contacted and is expecting visitors from over seven different countries in 2009. These American certifications are awarded by the United States School of Pizza which is also founded by the same group.

An elite group of ingredients, equipment and manufacturers have been selected by the founding members and the school will have exclusive or official products that they use during the certification process.

Their goal is to only use the best products available and students will use specific ingredients that are correct with each style. Courses are also available for the home chef.

For more information, official products, and photos visit and register today.


Nov 24, 2008

Pizza Champions on The Today Show

Joey Post and Siler Chapman will be appearing on The Today Show Wednesday November 26 2008. Joey and Siler will be promoting Famous Famiglia and will be performing and teaching the anchors how to toss pizzas.

Both Joey and Siler hold world championship titles from Salsomaggiore, Italy in the Team Acrobatic Competition. This is when the World Pizza Champions America's # 1 Pizza Team won back to back gold medals in 2006 and 2007 making them the first team in US history to ever win the team acrobatic competition.

Once again the World Pizza Champions represent and promote the pizza industry on a national show.


Oct 31, 2008

Italian Pizza School - Get certified

Tony Gemignani Master Instructor will be teaching a 40 hour course on Classic Italian pizza. Students will get certified in Classic Italian Pizza. The course will take place at the Cuppone Test Kitchen in Manteca, California. Methods and properties of making dough, sauce recipes, hands on pizza preparation, oven skills, pizza tossing techniques, and pratical and theory will be taught throughout the course. Biga, Poolish, Direct, and Indirect methods of making dough will be worked on in groups. Several different types of pizzas will be made and tested throughout the course.

Oct 21, 2008

First Triple Crown Winner in Pizza History

October 13 and 14 Lecce, Italy Tony Gemignani from World Famous Pyzano's Pizzeria in Castro Valley, California accomplished what no other pizza maker has done before. Win first place in three categories at an International Pizza Competition earning him the Triple Crown.

At the International Pizza Makers Challenge - 2 Mari Trofeo Internationale Pizza Per Tutti 2008. Tony won first place in Classic Italian Pizza, Pizza in Teglia (pan) and Free Style Acrobatics. With over 50 competitors competing from countries such as, Italy, Germany, Indonesia, Tunisia, Albania, Romania, Shri Lanka, Switzerland and the US the competition was stiff but the Americans won outright. Both of Gemignani's winning pizzas had a combination of Pendleton Flour from the US blended with 5 Stagioni flour from Italy, Stanislaus Tomato Products and Grande Mozzarella Cheese from the US.

Gemignani incorporated regional ingredients from Italy and the Puglia region which included - Sun Bathed Tomatoes, Marinated Zucchini, Puglia Olives, Salumi Picante, Pugliese Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP, and specialty cheeses from the region such as Pecorino and Burrata. World Champion Joe Carlucci also received second place in the Classic Pizza Division and Gemignani earned second place in Largest Pizza and Carlucci earned Third Place in Largest Pizza as well.

The organizers of the event where headed by Giussepe Lucia president of  A.PI.Sa. Associazione Pizzaioli Salentini.  Mr. Lucia is also the captain of the Salento acrobatic team which won first place at the World Pizza Championships in Salsomaggiore, Italy and The World Pizza Games in Las Vegas early this year.

May 31, 2008

Food Network teams up with World Pizza Champions again

Tony Gemignani, Nancy Puglisi, and the World Pizza Champions team up once again with the Food Network bringing you Glutton for Punishment.

Bob Blumer, the host, travels and competes at the most prestigious competitions in the world. Bob will only have 5 days to train where he will be entering the pizza acrobatics competition and is being mentored by 9 Time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani. Producers contacted Tony Gemignani and the date was set, June 10 & 11, 2008 Naples, Italy - World Pizza Cup.

Bob will be competing against some of the best pizza acrobats in the world and trying out for a spot on the World Pizza Champions Team. World Pizza Champions teamates Joe Carlucci, Bruno Di Fabio, Justin Wadstein, Tony Palombino, Glenn Cybulski, William Manzo, Randy Hueffmeier, will be assisting Bob throughout the show along with International teammates Diana Coutu from Canada and Fran Carroll from Ireland.

All members are veterans in the world competition circuit and the producers and Bob are relieved to work with such an experienced team. All teammates will be competing in several other categories at the World Pizza Cup such as Neapolitan/STG, Classic, Fastest, Acrobatic, and Biggest Pizza.

"They only ask for the best..This is a big honor for me and my guys. We're glad we are able to bring another first class show about pizza to the Food Network." - Tony Gemignani - 9 Time World Pizza Champion

"It's going to be tough. Bob has never tossed pizzas before and will be competing against the best. With only 5 days of practice, this is definitely a one of a kind show." - Joe Carlucci - 3 Time World Pizza Champion

The show will also showcase the competition and True Neapolitan/ STG Pizza. The crew plans to visit Famous Neapolitan pizzerias such as Ernesto Cacialli's il Pizzaiolo del Presidente, the Buffula Mozzarella Fields, the origin/history of Neapolitan pizza and possibly a look back at Tony Gemignani's first place win for best Neapolitan/STG pizza at the World Pizza Cup in 2007.

The World Pizza Champions are the only team from the US who were invited to represent the US in Naples. This will be the third annual competition for the cup of Naples.

To find out more information about Bob Blumer and the show visit and view Bob's bio About the Show Glutton for Punishment with host Bob Blumer is a program scheduled to air on Food Network in North America, BBC Canada, UKTV in UK, Discovery Asia in Asian Markets and SFINX Inc. in Japan. Pending sales include Sweden, Russia, Hungary, Finland, Korea, China, Australia, Spain and Italy.

In Glutton for Punishment, culinary adventurer Bob Blumer seeks out extreme epicurean challenges in a rock’em sock’em show that will appeal to impassioned foodies, armchair adventurers and gourmet travelers. About the World Pizza Champions: The World Pizza Champions America's # 1 Pizza Team have won more gold medals and world titles than any other pizza team in the world. Members have been featured on shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Rachel Ray, Emeril Live, Tony Danza Show, CNN, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and The Today Show. They are the only team to compete on the Food Network's Challenge series and members have been inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Teammates have been the first from the US to ever win the gold medal in Italy's World Competitions in Acrobatics and Baking. With such notoriety and achievements they hold the title as the best pizza team in history. The team consists of over 40 competitors worldwide most who own independent pizzerias. Members represent and promote the pizza industry as the finest bakers and competitors in their field.

May 2, 2008

America Brings Home the Gold at the World Pizza Championships in Italy!

America Brings Home the Gold at the World Pizza Championships in Italy America’s # 1 Pizza Team The World Pizza Champions earned several medals at the World Pizza Championships in Salsomaggiore, Italy April 22,23,24.


Bruno Di Fabio of Amore Pizza in Scarsdale, New York won the Gold medal in the Fastest Pizza category with a top speed of 5 pizzas in 48 seconds. Bruno is also the Gold Medal winner for Biggest Pizza at the World Pizza Games in as Las Vegas, NV


John Gutekanst of Avalanche Pizza in Athens, OH won the Highest Total Points Award from the US. John secured this award by scoring high in all baking categories Classic, Teglia, STG, and Gluten Free


Justin Wadstein of Kianti’s Pizza and Pasta in Santa Cruz, CA brought home the Bronze Medal in the Single Acrobatic Category


Tony Gemignani of World Famous Pyzano’s Pizza in Castro Valley, CA received top honor for Best Classic Pizza from the US scoring 714 points out of 800.


Team members who competed in Italy are: Tony Gemignani, Joe Carlucci, Sean Brauser, Bruno Di Fabio, Justin Wadstein, Jay Schuurman, Joey Post, John D Ambrosio, Paul Cataldo, John Gutekanst, and Randy Hueffmeier. About the World Pizza Champions: The World Pizza Champions America’s # 1 Pizza Team have won more gold medals and world titles than any other pizza team in the world. Members have been featured on show such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Rachel Ray, Emeril Live, Tony Danza Show, CNN, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and The Today Show. They are the only team to compete on the Food Network Challenge series and members have been inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records. Members have been the first to ever medal in Italy’s World Championships in Acrobatics and Baking making them the best pizza team in history.

December 22th, 2007

And the winner is...

And the winner is...

We received over 21,000 visits to the site, and hundreds of emails, but there was only one person who got all 3 questions correct.

Stan Miller from World Famous Piezons Pizza and Pasta will receive a check for $100.00 dollars for getting all 3 question right.

The answers to the questions are:

1) Out of all the pictures, one is wrong. Describe and tell us which picture is wrong on the new intro page? The gladiator picture that is rolling dough down his arm is transposed ( backward)

2) After the title Featured on National and International TV Appearances what is the 11th show that is stated on the new intro page? This one was a trick question. Since the first on the list was the Food Network and the Food Network is a Network not a show then ESPN Cold Pizza is the 11th show

3) In this newsletter, we have listed all of our sponsors. How many sponsors are listed below. Nineteen sponsors.

Also... Congratulations to Colleen Mceneany, for finding a hidden error. A misspelled quote "Americas #1 Pizza Team" which should have had an apostrophe. She will receive a check for $25.00

Thank You and Happy Holidays World Pizza Champions America's # 1 Pizza Team

December 8th, 2007

World Pizza Champion Raises Over $18,000 for Troop Calls

Michael Angelo's Pizza raised over $18,000 for their "We Support Our Troops" fundraiser event, easily passing the goal of $10,000. The funds were a blend of 100% of pizza sales at the Michael Angelo's Pizza in Kenton, monetary donations from the communities of Kenton & Rushsylvania, and 100% of pizza rain check sales from both pizzeria locations. Pizza & Rain check sales accounted for about $15,800 of the amount with the rest coming from monetary donations.

July 23rd, 2007

Californian Shocks Italians, Wins Naples Pizza-Making Contet

Tony Gemignani’s eight world dough-tossing acrobatics titles have made his name almost synonymous with the quirky craft of spinning the skins. But when the co-owner of Pyzano’s Pizzeria in Castro Valley, Calif., entered the Trofeo Citta di Napoli Championato Internazionale per Pizzaioli—which translates to the City of Naples Trophy, International Championship of Pizza Makers—pizza-baking contest last month in Naples, he was virtually unknown. [more]

July 9th , 2007

Have the Team Serve You Pasta Dinner

The San Francisco 49ers in partnership with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, will host “Pasta Bowl,” a family-style dinner event which will be held on Saturday, August 4, 2007 from 5:30 – 9:00 PM at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The event will raise funds for the San Francisco 49ers Foundation in support of two South Bay non-profit organizations, San Jose After-School All-Stars and City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley.
... [more]

June 12th, 2007

American Pizza Maker Shocks and Out-Bakes Italians, Takes World Cup in Naples

Tony Gemignani accomplished what no American—any non-Italian—ever has by taking first place in the Trofeo Citta di Napoli (City of Naples Trophy)/World Pizza Cup, a championship for the globe’s best pizza makers and pizza acrobats held in Naples, Italy, June 12-13. The TCN represents the baking portion of the contest, while the WPC represents the acrobatic half ... [more]

May 25th, 2007

World Pizza Champions Headed to World Pizza Cup

The World Pizza Champions, America's # 1 Pizza Team, will be competing and representing the US at the 2nd annual Trofeo Citta Di Napoli Campionato Internazionale Per Pizzaioli/ 1st Annual World Pizza Cup... [more]

March 29th ,2007

6 Medals Won at the Pizza Olympics in Italy

Hundreds of competitors from dozens of countries including India, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Japan, Brazil, and the Ukraine converged on Salsomaggiore, Italy for the Pizza Olympics March 26-29, 2007... [more]

March 22nd ,2007

Results of the 2007 World Pizza Games

This year the games saw competitors from across the USA, Korea, Italy, Ireland and brought acrobatic dough throwing to a whole new level. And the winners are... [more]

Sunday, February 11th 2007

Celebrity Judges Assess Young Pizza Making Talent

The panel of judges knew pizza. They were seven-time world pizza tossing champion and 2006 Food Network Pizza Challenge gold medalist Tony Gemignani, Ted Rowe of Mulberry Street Pizza in San Rafael, Food Network competitor Elizabeth Raynor, Whole Foods associate coordinator Ben Mohan...
[read full story at The Marin Independent Journal]

December 4th ,2006

Tony Gemignani Inducted into the Legends Of Pizza

Along side some of the greatest pizzaiolos in the US such as Chris Bianco & Peter Reinhart, Tony Gemignani gets inducted ... [more]

Tuesday, October 24th 2006

World Pizza Champions: The pizza industry’s most unique marketing machine

There’s nothing easy about running a pizzeria, but many operators tell me marketing is their greatest challenge.

Can’t say I’m surprised. Effective marketing takes serious planning, hefty investment, endless persistence and loads of creativity...
[read full story at]

Saturday, September 23th 2006

The Globetrotters Pizza

The World Pizza Champions visit Virginia Beach for the first Festa Italiana celebration at Oceanfront

Tony Gemignani knows how to make a good pizza. Not only that, he understands how to turn the art of pizza making into a spectator sport. He, along with Michael Shepherd, Joe Carlucci, Ken Bryant, Siler Chapman and Sean Brauser, are the World Pizza Champions ....
[read full story from Soundings Online...]

Wednesday, September 20th 2006

Results of the World Pizza Games Trials

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2006 World Pizza Games Trials!

The Trials saw a huge turnout of competitors from Arizona, California, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, South Carolina, New Jersey, and as far away as Japan and Italy! Three Champions took home Gold Medals ... [more]

Thursday, August 10th 2006

Calling All Independent Pizzerias for National Kids Pizza Making Contest!

Lindsay Olives and The World Pizza Champions, Inc. invite independent pizzerias nationwide to join their national Kid’s Pizza Making Contest on Saturday, October 7, 2006.

The nationwide contest challenges children, ages 12 and younger, to make a kid-sized pie with their favorite ingredients, including olives, at the pizzeria, where it will be baked and judged. The winning Pizza will be named by its creator and added to the pizzeria’s menu.  One Grand Prize winner randomly selected from winners at the independent pizzerias will be awarded a visit by one of The World Pizza Champion Team members to learn some pizza acrobatic tricks... [more]

Thursday, July 20th 2006

World Pizza Champions Roll Over U.S. Pizza Team
on ABC's Master of Champions

The World Pizza Champions beat the U.S. Pizza team in a head to head dough throwing competition on the new ABC show - "Master of Champions", July 20th, 2006.

The show consisted of 6 groups of of competitors who faced off in three different competitions, with the winner of each competition decided by the studio audience. The winners move on to the final round where the Panel of Champions decide who is the "Master of Champions".... [more]

Wednesday, April 5th 2006

World Pizza Champions Win 6 Medals at the World Pizza Championship in Italy

The World Pizza Champions brought home a total of six medals from the World Pizza Championship in Salsomaggiore, Italy.

Never before has any team captured so many medals in one year. The World Pizza Champions brought home an award in every category, including the Gold Medal in the Team Acrobatic... [more]

Wednesday, March 15th 2006

Results of the World Pizza Games

This year the games saw a record number of competitors from across the USA, Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico and set a whole new standard for acrobatic dough throwing.

Three World Champions took home Gold Medals and a $1000 cash prize at the World Pizza Games Finals and Rockin' Party at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas... [more]

Thursday, March 9th 2006

Tony Gemignani Gets Certified at Scuola Italaina Pizzaioli

Tony Gemignani 6 Time World Champion and President of the World Pizza Champions traveled to Caorle, Italy to the Scuola Italaina Pizzaioli for a 2 week course... [more]

Wednesday, February 1st 2006

Dominican Republic: Pizzarelli Pizza Tour

World Pizza Champions team members Michael Shepherd of Michael Angelo's Pizza, Tony Gemignani of Pyzano's Pizzeria, Joe Carlucci of Famous Joe's and Siler Chapman of Pizza Works recently spent a few days in the Dominican Republic capital of Santo Domingo. The team was on hand to help... [more]

Wednesday, January 11th 2006

World Pizza Champions Announce: The Industry's First "How To" Video Website

The World Pizza Champions are pround to announce the launch of the industry's first "How To" Video Website. This site introduces a whole new concept to the pizza industry. As a member you will have instant and unlimited access... [more]

Saturday, November 5th 2005

World Pizza Champ Turns Author; California Influence Livens up Cookbook

The following article was featured in the November 05, 2006 edition of "Inside Bay Area" written by By Karen Holzmeister, STAFF WRITER.

Tony Gemignani's resume is growing. World pizza-throwing champion. Restaurant owner. Cooking teacher. Television celebrity chef... [more]

Sunday, October 23rd

Throwing Dough at Delta Oaks Market of Choice

Shoppers at the Delta Oaks Market of Choice in Eugene, OR were in for a treat this weekend. Tony Gemignani of the World Pizza Champions was on hand not only making pizza, but throwing it... [read full story]

Thursday, October 13th

Tony Gemignani's Book "Pizza" is Now in stores!

Tony Gemignani of the World Pizza Champions has recently released his new book "Pizza - More than 60 recipes for delicious homemade pizza"... [more]

Friday, October 14th

Appearance on the Discovery Times Channel

The World Pizza Champions will be appearing on the Discovery Times Channel series called Short Takes: Pizza.

This short is based on the award winning Freestyle Dough Throwing Team Acrobatic skit ... [more]

Friday, October 7th

Tony Gemignani to Appear on Today Show

Tony Gemignani of the World Pizza Champions will be appearing on NBC's Today Show Friday October 7th, 7-10am ET... [more]

Saturday, October 1st

Spasso's Pizza to Join the World Pizza Champions in Italy

At the "Best Pizza on Long Island Contest & Festival" Spassos was deemed 'Best Overall'. They will now be joining the World Pizza Champions at the World Pizza Championships to be held in Salsomaggiore, Italy in April, 2006... [more]

Friday, September 23rd

Siler Chapman Wins Pizzeria and Gives big to the Gulf Coast

World Pizza Champions team member Siler Chapman has won the Great Downtown Pizzeria Challenge in Rock Hill, SC this past August.

By winning this competition Siler has earned the right to open a brand new pizzeria, to be named "Full Throttle Pizzeria" near the campus area of Winthrop University. This new pizzeria will be open 24/7... [more]

Monday, August 22th

More Finalists Earn There Way to the The World Pizza Games

World Pizza Games Trials were also held a the Presto Foods Foodshow this past August. Presto customers battled in out at the Belterra Hotel/Casino in Indiana.

These winners will be advancing right into the finals in their categories in Las Vegas at the World Pizza Games! ... [more]

Saturday, August 13th

Team to Perform at Wrigley Field for Connie's Pizza Day

This Saturday, August 13th, when the Chicago Cubs take on the St. Louis Cardinals, the World Pizza Champions will be there performing acrobatic dough throwing for the pre-game show... [more]

Monday, August 8th

Pyzano's ties for 1st at Icon Estates Pizza Bataglia

In Napa Valley four pizza makers were chosen to compete in a Pizza Battle. Set at Franciscan estates winery, each team were given different mystery baskets with three secret ingredients. The teams were then given two different wines that had to be paired with the secret ingredient. The teams were only allowed ten minutes to create two pizza recipes. All chefs lead separate groups of sommelier's from around the world. Each team had to make fifteen pizzas in thirty five minutes and present them to the judges ... [more]

Friday, August 5th

Winners on Their Way to Las Vegas

At the New York Pizza Expo three winners pounded, slapped, and threw their way straight to the finals of the World Pizza Games.

These three winners have advanced directly to their category finals at the World Pizza Games to be held during the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, 2006... [more]

Thursday, July 14th

Tony Gemignani Wins the $10,000 Food Network Pizza Battle

Tony takes top prize as five teams meet at the Great Big Food Show in Cleveland to show off their tastiest pies and throw some dough... [more]

Wednesday, July 13th

Three Advance to Las Vegas!

The pizza talent that showed up to the World Pizza Games trials held at the Chicago Pizza Expo was amazing! Razor thin margin seperated all of the finalists. Three winners advance directly to the World Pizza Games finals in Las Vegas - 2006... [more]

Monday, May 16th

Joe Carlucci & the Cast of "Everybody Loves Raymond"

National & World Champion dough thrower, Joe Carlucci, will be showing off his dough throwing skills for the cast of CBS's "Everybody Loves Raymond"... [more]

Friday, May 13th

Tony Gemignani to Appear on Belgium TV's "Hoe? Zo!"

Tony Gemignani, a six time world champion dough thrower, will be showing off his dough throwing skills on the Belgium television program Ho? Zoe! Wednesday May 18th... [more]

Tuesday, April 12th

International Face off at the World Pizza Games in Las Vegas!

The Games are back and better than ever! For the first time since 1998, the World Pizza Games took place at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, NV March 30 - April 1st, 2005... [more]

Tuesday, March 22nd

2 Silvers & 1 Bronze for the World Pizza Champions!

The newly formed World Pizza Champions team brought home 3 medals from the World Pizza Championship in Salsomaggiore, Italy. The WPC brought home more medals ever than any other US Team and placed in events never before touched by the U.S... [more]

Monday, December 13th

You Can Be Part of the World Pizza Champions!

You Can Be Part of the World Pizza Champions! During the International Pizza Expo 2005, The World Pizza Champions will be scouting for a new teammember who will tour with the team for a year. This is your opportunity to participate in acrobatic shows at media events and festivals, Chicago Pizza Expo and New York Pizza Expo... [more]

Monday, December 13th

The World Pizza Games Are Back!

The World Pizza Champions are partnering with Pizza Today and Pizza Expo to produce the 2005 World Pizza Games in Las Vegas March 30 - April 1, 2005. Attendees at International Pizza Expo may participate in four competitive events... [more]

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