Joe Carlucci
4 Time World Pizza Champion


Originally from The Bronx and Carmel, New York, “Famous Joe” Carlucci is recognized worldwide as one of the elite professionals and pioneers of the pizza industry. Since the age of 15, Joe has had a passion for making pizza. He began performing, consulting and competing in competitions in 2000.

Early in his career, Joe had the opportunity to train under 13-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani, which launched his career into pizza acrobatics, pizza baking, consulting, and recipe development. Joe has since become a 4-time World Pizza Champion and has appeared on the Food Network, ESPN, Fox News, the Travel Channel, the Martha Stewart Show, and the Today Show. Joe is also the Guinness World Record holder of the highest pizza toss.

Joe Carlucci, owner of Joe’s World Famous in Athens, Alabama has become famous in the pizza circles.
Start with his pizza toss of 21 feet, 5 inches in 2006 at the Mall of America, recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for highest pizza toss.
More recently, he became the world’s fastest pizza maker at the World Pizza Making Championship in Naples, Italy, making five pizzas in 31 seconds.
“What makes Michael Jordan great?” Carlucci said. “It’s practicing, studying, a heart for what you do. Nine out of 10 people can’t stand going to work on Monday. I’m the one person who loved it.”

Carlucci calls himself “a pizza nerd.” At 34, he’s a 20-year veteran of the pizza business.

He started when he was 14 and living in Carmel, N.Y., about an hour north of New York City.

His mother, Rosemarie, always told him, “Whatever you do, I’ll be proud of you, as long as you put in 100 percent.”
He was serious about making his mother proud. He decided to “put in 150 percent,” by his estimate.
“I like to raise the bar myself,” Carlucci said.

An example is his participation in the World Pizza Championships. He’s a four-time world-pizza champion, as well as a pizza-trick champion.

He was last in the first and second years he entered the pizza-trick competition. By the third year, he was the champion.


  • Four time world pizza champion
  • Guinness world record holder
  • 2012 World’s fastest pizza maker
  • Pizza Battle ESPN “Cold Pizza”
  • Food Network’s “World Pizza Challenge”
  • Discovery “Times: Short Takes” “Gozalo!”
  • Dominican Republic “Passion Gourmet”
  • Dominican Republic “Chevere Nights”
  • Dominican Republic “Pizzerii Pizza Tour”
  • Dominican Republic “Edika Food Show”

TV Appearances:

The Taste
The Today Show
Martha Stewart Show
ESPN Cold Pizza


Joe’s World Famous Pizzeria
1260 Hwy 72 east suite G
Athens, AL 35611