Our acrobatic shows have had many audiences. From Sunny California to the Midwest, up and down the East Coast, across the Atlantic to Germany, and on into the birthplace of pizza, Italy. Here are a few. Italian Festivals. Food Shows, Pizza Conventions, Fundraising Events, Parades, Cancer Camps, Commercials, Professional Pre Game Shows, Restaurant Grand Openings, School Assemblies and Private Pizza Workshops.

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Individual Rates


An acrobatic show ranges from 15 – 25 minutes. The show consists of a 3 minute acrobatic pizza throwing routine to music. This routine incorporates tricks like across the shoulders, through the legs, 2 at a time and floor movements. Followed by a demonstration that brings audience members on stage to try and learn how to toss a pizza. For any restaurant conventions and or food shows this act may be substituted with a 45 minute exhibition of tricks at someone’s booth or designated area.

If a complete acrobatic show is more than what you or your organization is in need of or have budgeted for, still please feel free to contact us. Individual members can often do shortened or abbreviated shows.

Contact information for can be found on each individual members bio page.

Rates will vary depending on location, travel time, length of show, and individual requests.


  • $1,000 Minimum starting rate per team member per day.
    Minimum Rate for Tony Gemignani: $1,500
  • Any show that requires an overnight stay may occur and additional $500 “travel day” fee for each day spent traveling.

Hotel & travel costs not included

Team Rates

For shows that require more extensive travel or overnight stay.

  • 4 Member Team Rate: $5,000 per day + all travel expenses
    In addition a $500 “travel day” fee may apply, depending on travel times

Team acrobatic show are three – 30 minute shows per day. The show consists of four members who perform an acrobatic show synchronized to music. Each will demonstrate their own tricks to music and then do a finale with a team show. Audience members will then be asked to join them as they teach the crowd how to throw a pizza. Celebrity Pizza tosses have been very popular at events and fundraisers.

For team bookings please call Tony Gemignani for any details. 510-427-6979 or e-mail Tony at

1 on 1 Acrobatic Training or Pizzeria Consulting

bookings_joeIf you are interested in learning how to throw dough in your restaurant, or want to improve on what you already know, we can help. Our members are available for one on one training sessions in your store. We can supply you with a full day of training, techniques, recipes, and marketing strategies that will help you capitalize on your new talents.

If you are looking for a pizzeria consultant that can help you get your new or struggling pizzeria off the ground, then we can help. Our founding team members are successful pizzeria owners who can share their wealth of knowledge with you.

Rates for an 8 hour day of training or consulting start at $1,000 per day. Hotel & travel costs not included.

Contact information for can be found on each individual members bio page.